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I create, curate and massage big ideas that deliver on brand strategy in unexpected ways through hands-on visual design (digital + print).

I deliver results for small businesses to Fortune 5 companies via:

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Style Guides, Identity Design Processes, Messaging

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Susan Clemens Resume/CV

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My right and left brain have an excellent relationship. I like to live in the space in between – creative that is informed by business and technical inspiration. I’m hyper curious, and my jam is creating a culture where ideas & creatives thrive.

I take a bite out of challenges – leading to a wide range of experience. I build new brands and invigorate established brands, create large-scale large-brand websites, plan for optimal user experiences, manage complex projects, inspire teams and contend with near-impossible deadlines.

I receive praise from clients and colleagues for my insight and passion for the finest details of every project. I designed websites that were featured in Graphis (twice). According to Forester Research, I improved usability by 50% for Lincoln. My work has been used by J.D. Powers to demonstrate best practices to their clients. The online banners I designed and developed for Hilton generated a 160 to 1 ROI. I delivered 140% over client expectations for SCE in one campaign. I built the brand for a hair color company, which experiences 60% growth annually after several years of 10% month over month growth since launch 4 years ago

I inspire continually better work in my team with a positive environment because I have a flair for identifying, developing and utilizing the unique talents of my staff. I managed a creative staff of twelve on multiple, complex projects and have worked within single project teams of up to twenty giving input and direction throughout. I also managed to stretch the talents of a small staff of three over a large range of responsibilities and brands. And I often work on my own to develop projects from concept to completion

I have been involved in all phases of digital development including the creative brief and recommendations, information architecture, creative development (conceptual, visual and written) and technical development. I apply rational thought to information design, creative execution and technical possibilities and then look for opportunities to break out of the box to create transforming user experiences

For the past 4 years I built a brand for a start-up and wore all the design hats – identity, digital design, print, packaging, social. Before I began to specialize in interactive I designed for print including several Annual Reports, corporate magazines and many identity projects. I managed collaborative teams and the creative side of projects for the music/entertainment/game CD-ROM industry creating rich multimedia DVD and kiosk experiences. My past projects give me the experience to manage complex 3D concepts and quickly evaluate, grasp and utilize new technologies.

At your convenience I would love to discuss how I could contribute my breadth of skills, thinking, passion and talent to your team or your current projects.

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A highly experienced creative and art director with 30 years building numerous auto, fashion, beauty, B2C, B2B, ecommerce, entertainment, healthcare and non-profit brands. Recently created a professional beauty brand that averaged 8% month-on-month revenue growth for 5 years. Created concept, design and animation for online media that returned an average of $160 revenue for $1 spent. Saved a client over $10,000 per month with a visual system creating bold, fashionable feature photography. Created campaigns and websites for launching hundreds of products for small businesses to Fortune 5 companies.

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Partial client list

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Auto Land Rover, Lincoln, Mercury, Jaguar
B2C Bosch, Brita, Callaway Golf, Hilton, Jenny Craig, Mattel, Sony, Southern California Edison, Venue
B2B Accenture, Young & Rubicam Brands
Ecommerce Beckman Coulter, CandleBouquet, Venue
Entertainment Disneyland Resort, Herbie Hancock, Mann’s Chinese Theatre, Segasoft, Universal Studios
Fashion/Beauty Jack Winn Pro, Jenlari Jewelry, Jessica Simpson, Wet Seal
Financial Advisys, vWise, WCM Investment Management
Healthcare Beckman Coulter, Bergen Brunswig, Toshiba Medical
Non-Profit Starlight Children’s Foundation
Tech/Electronic Sony, Yamaha Pro Audio

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April 1997 – Present

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PixelSauce – Owner / Creative Director / Art Director

Built brand identity, packaging design, product photography; conceived concept and design of websites (including IA, UX, UI), online banners, landing pages, email campaigns, flash animations, interactive CD-ROMs from concept to code and presentations. Worked with multiple clients including Jenny Craig (rebrand & relaunch), Disneyland (50th Anniversary photomosaics creative management and photography), Mann’s Chinese Theatre (interactive kiosks), Segasoft (Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover), Universal Studios (Citywalk Florida website), Jessica Simpson (promotions and websites), Wet Seal (loyalty program), Toshiba Medical (presentations for trade shows), Yamaha Pro Audio (website)

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Dec 2014 – Oct 2019

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Jack Winn Pro – Contract Creative Director / Art Director

Created brand identity for main and sub-brands; designed packaging, web sites, social media branding, printed sales collateral, training materials, including writing content and photography; enabled average 8% month-on-month growth for 5 years.

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Mar 2010 – July 2011

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Beckman Coulter – User Experience & Information Architect

Developed UX and IA for a 4,000-page ecommerce site redesign including a new content management system; created system for migrating complex content and instruction for the use of the new system for business groups; assessed and accommodated widely varying business group and customer needs.

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Sep 2008-Dec 2009
Mar 2005-Jul 2005

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Young & Rubicam Brands / Wunderman – Contract Art Director

Created award-winning direct mail from concept to design for Southern California Edison delivering 40% above campaign requirements; designed several micro-sites for Accenture, an ecommerce site for Venue and a product launch microsite for Callaway Golf. Created concepts, designed and developed online media for Hilton Hotels.

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Apr 2006-Aug 2006

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Brilliant Blue – Creative Director

Created websites, branding and identity for regional clients; managed a relatively inexperienced team to foster a more efficient ideation and design process for each member; streamlined communications and processes between sales, production and creative departments to improve profitability and client satisfaction.

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Jun 1999 – Sep 2003

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Young & Rubicam Brands / Wunderman – Associate Creative Director

Managed a staff of artists, writers and freelance talent creating websites, animation, game design, online media and digital brand communications. Responsible for client presentations, recommendations for and review of creative briefs, creating concepts, interface, information architecture and user experience design, major photo shoot planning with a $250k budget, creative direction and creative project management.

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Sep 1994 – Apr 1997

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Graphix Zone – Managing Art Director

Lead a staff of artists and contractors in the creative development and planning of 3D environments and interfaces for entertainment CD-ROMs, games and websites; managed staff across multiple brands/projects.

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Feb 1989 – Sep 1994

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Bergen Brunswig – Graphic Designer, Multimedia Designer, Typesetter

Produced print and multimedia materials from concept to completion including annual reports, brochures, product catalogs, identity/logo design, magazines and multimedia presentation; hired photographers and managed photo shoot concepts, scheduling and art direction.

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California State University Long Beach – Art, Design, Photography, Business and General Studies

Orange Coast College – Art, Computer Graphics and General Studies

Rancho Santiago College, Saddleback College – Business, Writing and General Studies

UCI Extension – Advertising, Marketing, Presentation Skills

Usability & User Experience, Filmmaking, Information Design, HTML, CSS, Adobe Suite, Photography, Traditional Animation, Creative Management, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Audio, Video, Programming, Flash

Awards & Recognition:
Published: Featured twice in Graphis Interactive Annual 2, In Your Face: The Best of Interactive Interface Design, Digital Graphics, Interface, JPG Magazine
Awards: One Show, OC Ad Club, Belding, IAAA

Skills & Software:
Photography, Adobe Suite Photoshop (retouching, design), Illustrator, InDesign, HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Flash, 3D texture mapping, Omnigraffle, SEO, IA, UI, UX, WordPress, MailChimp; Social media fluent (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram), blogger, community builder/manager; led community of thousands

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Photography, charities, films, painting, writing, reading, miniature gardens.

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How can I help you?


I would love to hear about your project and discover what your company needs. Please provide your contact information so we can connect.[/vc_column_text][wt_spacer height=”10″ separator=””][wt_contact_form fields=”name,email,subject,phone,message” required=”name,email” button_text=”Send” email=”susanclemens@gmail.com” success=”Thank you for sending a message. I will respond shortly.”][/vc_column][/vc_row]